Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sleep. . . Continued

So we are working on the sleeping issues and for a little while things started to get better, but then we took two steps back last night. I'm reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and The No-Cry Nap Solution to try and get things under control. The first night Jackson slept from 6:30pm to 6:30am with only one wake-up and all I did was pop the paci back in his mouth and he fell back asleep. (I do "dream feed" him around 9:30pm to fill his tummy though) Success! Or so I thought. The second night he slept from 6:30pm to 2:00am and I popped the paci back in but he woke up crying again at 3:00am. This time I just went ahead and nursed him for a 1/2 hour. And he STILL wokeup at 4am. I was done with getting out of bed so I just took him into our bed, where he proceeded to kick and claw me for the next two hours in his sleep. Fabulous. So after an extremely cranky day, he was off to bed at 5:30pm. Went to sleep with no issues and is still asleep at 7:30pm. I'm going to take the advice of my friend Sara and try giving him a bottle of formula for his dream feed tonight and see if it will hold him longer.


Sara White said...

Good Luck! I hope I hope I hope it will help him AND you get some good ZZZZZZ's

lady gray said...

good luck, mama! we used HSHHC too... it's a tough first few days, but it definitely gets easier!

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