Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Must-Have: Sleep Sheep

I was lucky enough to pick up a Sleep Sheep on a recent shopping trip at Last Chance. This baby works absolute miracles, as in Jackson-put-himself-to-sleep-for-a-nap-today miracles. All I can say is, wow. We actually got the one that is travel-sized and straps on to the stroller or car seat handle which I prefer because Jackson often sleeps while we're out an about. It's a fluffy little stuffed sheep with a nice little soundbox in it that plays stream, rain, ocean, and whale sounds. Right now Jackson prefers the rain and ocean sounds and is in fact fast asleep in his crib with the ocean sounds playing while I listen to it through the monitor. He woke up shortly after I laid him down to sleep and all I had to do was turn the Sleep Sheep on and he was out like a light. We bought ours for $2.97, but you can also buy it on Amazon for $16.95.


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