Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It's hot and ugly right now in Arizona and I want out, like yesterday. Unfortunately that's not going to happen and I'm so disappointed. Every year we take an annual trip to Coronado Island off of San Diego in an effort to escape the heat and enjoy all of the 4th of July festivities. We've been going since I was a little girl, but not this year. The combination of Jackson not being thrilled with being stuck in his carseat for more than an hour and needing so much stuff for a baby is holding us back. Logically I know it will be very stressful trying to drive for 6 hours with a five month old, but the selfish part of me wants to go so bad. Oh well. Instead I'm trying to brainstorn some fun things to do in hot-as-Hades AZ since we chose to stay. We might have a yummy lunch at Queen Creek Olive Mill (their Manzi sandwich is the best!) and have a little 4th of July celebration for just us (since everyone in their right mind leaves town for the 4th) and watch the fireworks from our backyard. I'll leave you with some pictures from last year's 4th when I was only 13 weeks pregnant!
On my Mom's boat. I'm trying to hide my little belly because at this point we had only told family that I was pregnant!
Camouflaging the belly with a scarf.
Watching the annual 4th of July parade on Orange Avenue.
The Hotel Del Coronado- our favorite hotel to stay in on the island! (see my little belly? It was so cute and I thought it was so big at the time! If I had only known how big it would get!!)


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