About Me

Hi! My name's Christy (aka "Blondie" as my husband likes to call me). I'm a breastfeeding, attachment parenting, wannabe cloth diapering, eco-conscious mommy who also loves her designer jeans and mascara! I live with my husband Ryan, stepson Landen, and new baby boy Jackson in Arizona. Ryan and I have been together for five years and married since October 2009 (see our wedding pictures here). We got engaged in October 2008 and six months later, surprise! We found out we were pregnant! This unexpected blessing changed my life completely and led to this blog. I've used it to chronicle my pregnancy and life as a new mommy. Jackson is the center of my life and I absolutely love talking about him (hee hee!). On the side I love bargain shopping (the cheaper the better!), making crafts, scrapbooking, and traveling. Most of the time I just hang out at home with the family, which is definitely my favorite thing to do! I just recently started working from home for an online university and love having more time to spend with Jackson! Being a mommy has always been a life-long dream and I love sharing my experiences through blogging.