Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Constipation Woes

Yuck! Jackson is constipated! This is definitely my first taste of an "illness" (which it's really not, but it sort of feels like one). The poor little booger just keeps straining and straining in hopes of getting something less-than-harder-than-a-rock out. His face turns red, the eyes squinch up (is that even a word?), and he grunts for dear life. So today we took any and all advice we could find on the subject and stuffed Jackson full of juice (his first!) and prunes (ick!). Luckily we have an extremely good eater on our hands who gobbles down everything we bring to the table, including prunes. Not it's just a waiting game to see if things get better. Oh the joys that eating solid foods brings!


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