Thursday, June 10, 2010

Answer to My Prayers

Ever since I had Jackson I've struggled with having to return to work. When I was a little girl growing up I always assumed I'd get to stay home with my kids until I was ready to go back to work. Unfortunately things didn't work out exactly that way. I was blessed to have three months off for maternity leave, but when it came time to return to work I struggled. Mightily. The guilt was overwhelming and I felt like I was missing out on so much. At times I wondered why I had brought a child into this world when I never got to spend any time with him. While I was on leave I decided to pursue a job lead that a friend had mentioned to me. The job sounded almost to good to be true. I would get to work from home while still getting full benefits. Plus I would get a $6,000 raise. I didn't hear back right away so I sort if shelved the idea and resigned myself to teaching another year (but still counting myself lucky to have a job. Well lo and behold, I received a phone call inviting me for an interview on the last day of school. Three interviews later and the job offer arrived this morning. I truly believe this a miracle and the answer to so many prayers. It's such a happy medium between staying home and working. I'll still get to support our household while getting to spend ample time with Jackson. I couldn't ask for anything better and I feel so blessed!


That Mama Gretchen said...

This is such awesome news! I'm praying for an in-between blessing like this. We'll see what God has in store ...

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