Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Love Bomb Mission

Today we are dropping a Love Bomb on a guy named Tris. That's right, a guy! It's been awhile!

Tris is a young man who has been struggling heavily with alcohol as well as self-harm. He's gone through some incredibly difficult life events; more so than most of us. He recently went into rehab, but it isn't apparent to others yet how much it has helped him.

"Having alienated many people in his life, I think he could do with some support - even if it's largely from people he's never met and never will. We've known each other for a few years and he's been through some pretty difficult times. He really needs support right now."

Through all of this, there is reason to celebrate. This past Saturday he celebrated being 4 months clean, and his personal life is on an upswing. I would love for all of us to come together to recognize his awesome accomplishment, give him encouragement for the future, and give him some genuine, no-strings-attached love.

Thank you guys for doing this with me. I appreciate you every week and love what we do together!

You can join me in commenting on his blog here:

Time to drop a Love Bomb, guys!

P.S. Comments are moderated. Please go ahead and comment, and know that your comments may not appear immediately, but will be read by Tris.

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