Friday, September 24, 2010

I can't wait for Fall!

Pumpkins, changing leaves, a chill in the air, and. . . . who am I KIDDING? I live in ARIZONA and leaves don't change here nor do we ever get "a chill in the air." Oh but how I would LOVE to live in a place that does! Maybe some place like this:

Or this:

A girl can dream right? Here are some things I'll still be able to enjoy even though it's hot-as-Hades 110 degrees outside:

Taking Jackson to the pumpkin patch to pick out his very first pumpkin!

Oooey gooey caramel apples!

Taking Jackson trick-or-treating for the first time.

Hot apple cider.

I love you Fall!! Oh when oh when will you arrive in Arizona? Soon pretty please!

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Ashley said...

Lol! We don't get much of a fall here in So Cal either but we'll have a ton of fun at the pumpkin patches and festivals too. Great pics!

toryaslim822 said...

I live in Pennsylvania and the part that I live in is surrounded by mountains so when the leaves change the view is amazing. I would miss it.

But if it makes you feel better today is suppose to be in the 90's here. It doesn't even feel like fall here yet.

The Adventures of a Blondie Mommie said...

Ashley- Yeah CA is a lot like here just without the extreme heat and you have the beach to go to!

Tory- I would love to visit PA some day! I think I was born to live on the East Coast!

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