Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy 8 Months Jackson!

My baby is 8 months old! He's growing and changing so quickly now that it's hard to keep up!
Always on the move.
Loves to crawl up the stairs.
Tries to steal the doggy's food and splashes in their water bowl.
Mimics our mouths when we talk.
Hates getting his butt changed.

Loves to eat fruit and puts up with veggies, but only when they're mixed with fruit.
Eats baby puffs like they're going out of style.
Only wants to feed himself now- no more baby spoons for him!
Always wants to be nakey- no clothes for him thank-you-very-much!

Pulls up on everything in sight including mommy, the couch, tables, and chairs.
Crawls around the house singing "Bababa," "Mamama," and "Dadada" all day.
"Dances" when we put music on.
Still wakes up at least once a night to nurse.
Refuses to take a bottle.
Loves all people.

Loves listening to books and will even turn the pages on his own.
Loves it when people sing to him.
Big boys fascinate him and he always wants to be around them.
Adores petting animals.
Hates his car seat.
Target and Costco are his favorite places to go.

Happy 8 months Jackson! We love you!!

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