Tuesday, February 9, 2010

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things. . .

1. Kiddapotamus "Swaddle Me" Velcro swaddler- the only thing that calms Jackson down instantly when he's upset.

2. The Happiest Baby on the Block- this video/book literally saved our lives. The techniques calm Jackson down instantly!

3. Fisher Price Newborn Rocker- If Jackson isn't sleeping with me he's in this. I love how it keeps him at an angle, which he definitely prefers for sleeping.

4. Boppy- a necessity for breastfeeding!

5. Baby Daze Ultimate Baby Organizer- I keep track of Jackson's feeding times, how long he eats for, diaper changes, sleep patterns, and weigh-ins all in this handy book. Love it!

6. Lansinoh- have to have this before and after feedings!

7. Womb Sounds Bear- I got this as a gift from a student and Jackson loves it! It plays a combo of white noise and heartbeat to mimic the sounds heard in the womb. You can put it inside a stuffed bear for older babies or just hang the sound machine on the side of the crib.

8. Swing- We use a Fisher Price Cradle Swing and sometimes Jackson sleeps swaddled in it night while I sleep next to him on the couch.


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