Thursday, February 11, 2010

4 Weeks as a Mommy

It's now been a month since Jackson arrived and things are definitely looking up. After weeks of raging hormones, crying jags, and feeling completely overwhelmed things have finally settled down. We're now falling into a nice little routine and Jackson is only waking up two times during the night to nurse! I haven't attempted to put him on any type of schedule although I am reading up on all the different parenting "styles" in an attempt to find one that clicks for us. So far Dr. Sears' "attachment style" is my favorite although I am halfway through Babywise and considering a modified version. Our days are pretty mundane, but we enjoy the time spent together bonding and just relaxing. We go on walks around the neighborhood with Henry and Bella every afternoon, babytime classes at the library, lunch with Grandma Suzy, reading books, and playing together. Jackson learned how to roll from his stomach to his back last week and he is now doing it every time we have tummy time. Of course I think he's so advanced for his age! (wink) His hair is falling out more and more every day and he looks like a little old man with a receding hairline! He now weighs almost 10 pounds and just graduated to size one diapers (after more than a few diaper blow-outs!). Every day I spend with him I fall more in love. I have never felt such a huge sense of responsibility , but I'm enjoying every moment of it.


Andrew and Meghan said...

I'm loving your blog! Please keep the reality coming!! For those of us non-mommies (yet), we need it!!


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