Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bottlefeeding Success!

In preparation for returning to work in 6 weeks Ryan and I have been unsuccessfully trying to introduce a bottle to Jackson. I have already begun stockpiling and freezing my pumped milk, but in order to get it into Jackson he has to be able to take a bottle. Well, easier said than done. The first few brands we tried (Avent and First Years' Breastflow) were met with howls of outrage. I then made a trip to Target and bought one of every brand they offered in hopes that one would work. We've been trying one at a time and finally found one that he likes, the NUK brand! We still experienced some howling, but he did manage to finish the entire bottle, which we've never accomplished before. So cross your fingers that he doesn't change his mind tomorrow because I'm running out of different bottles!


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