Tuesday, February 2, 2010


What mommy desperate;y wants right now!

It'ss now been 20+ days since I got more than 1 hour of sleep in a row. And I am truly, absolutely exhausted. Ryan is still working (his leave starts February 22nd and I'm counting down the days!), so I am the one up all night for feedings and diaper changes. I am very lucky in that Jackson sleeps at night, but he insists that he sleep on me instead of his bassinet which makes me way to nervous to actually do any sleeping. His every little noise wakes me up to adjust his position or see if he's hungry. Nursing is definitely hard work too! He practically tries to rip them off of me when he eats. The little monster noises he makes are quite adorable as he shakes his head back and forth, but I definitely have battle wounds to show for it! Everyone says that it will eventually get easier but right now I'll believe it when I see it.


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