Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WAHM Tips Needed!

Thanks to my wonderful new job I soon get to work from home! I am SO excited to have more time to spend with Jackson while still contributing to our family financially, but I'm also unsure how I'm going to balance being a mommy with working. Any tips from seasoned WAHM mommies? I'd love to hear how you balance getting work done with also being a good mom! What do you do to keep your kiddo entertained so you can work for a few uninterrupted minutes? Any and all advice is appreciated!

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Leigh said...

Nap time is always a good time to work uninterrupted. My daughter loves crafty things, so if I set her up at the table with a project I can sometimes get a lot of time to work.

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Punken said...

I have no advice but I wanted to let you know I am a new follower (via blog lovin) from Tuesday Tag along.

Val said...

Tips change with the ages :) Naps, get up early, stay up later. If they are a little older I used to work a lot from the park with a notebook (didn't have laptop then).

My Mom had a home daycare when I was growing up and even if kids didn't take a nap there was an hour of quiet time. So it was book reading, puzzles or other silent activities.

Share time with a friend. Swap childcare a couple days a week. If you got 2-4 good hours a week with the swap, with no guilt and distractions you could be really productive on any major projects.

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