Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ryan's weekly healthy living tip

My name is Ryan and I am Christy's husband. I am a physical education teacher and I am obsessed with all things related to health and fitness. Over the years I have come across some great tips from experts in the field and I thought this would be a great place to share some of these. So,if you are into living a healthy lifestyle like me, hopefully these weekly tips will be helpful for you!

Tip #1: Don't make drastic changes,  take small steps that lead to better health.
Have you ever started a diet or exercise program and been super excited at first jumped right in only to quit a week or month down the road? I think we've all been in that situation and there's a reason why. Making changes to your lifestyle is not easy. If you try to completely change your diet all at once, you're likely to think it is too difficult and go back to your old ways. Here are some ideas:
1. Start eating one healthy meal per day for a month, then add one the next.
2. Start working out with weights twice a week and do that for a month, then add a workout.
3. If you don't eat breakfast now, make that a priority for a week or until you get used to eating breakfast every morning.
These are just a few, but the idea is to take your time and make it easy on yourself. You will be much less likely to give up and you won't be resentful of what you feel like you're giving up. Hope this helps! Here's to making positive changes and taking it one step at a time!!

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GritsGreensNGrassStains said...

Any Quick Healthy Breakfast suggestions for a non milk/egg lover?

The Adventures of a Blondie Mommie said...

A toasted whole-wheat muffin with peanut butter or any Kashi ceareal with soy milk would be great places to start. There's also something called "Vita Muffin Muffin Tops" that I found at Target- they have lots of fiber and protein and all you have to do is throw them in the toaster. Hope that helps!

GritsGreensNGrassStains said...


Carrie Ann said...

GREAT post Ryan!!! :) Love the tips!

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