Saturday, April 17, 2010

What I Look Forward To

1. Jackson's grins
2. Getting US magazine in the mail on Fridays.
3. Fridays in general.
4. Checking for updates on my favorite blogs (Enjoying the Small Things, Georgie Girl, Baby Dickie, etc.).
5. 3:05pm on Mondays-Fridays
6. Cuddling Jackson while he sleeps.
7. Eating semi-cooked cookie dough.
8. Jackson's happiness in the mornings.
9. A glass of wine when I get home from work.
10. Watching "Sixteen and Pregnant" (ridiculous, I know)
11. Clean sheet Sundays.
12. Laying in bed all day and hanging out with my baby.
13. Nursing Jackson to sleep.
14. Reading a good book (currently "Let the Baby Drive")
15. Getting a pedicure (which I'm doing today to reward myself for making it through this week)


Sara White said...

Ha! I'm sooo hooked on 16 and pregnant...I'm glad I'm not alone! YOu are doing a great job mom, he is a beautiful little guy!

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