Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blogs I Love!

I am addicted to reading other people's baby/mommy blogs! It's nice to hear that other people are going through the same things as you and get a glimpse into their lives. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Georgie Girl ( Living in NYC with a cute boyfriend, adorable dog, and fabulous, amazing life AND she's expecting a baby girl any day now! I love reading her posts about books she's read, places she's gone, adorable maternity outfits she puts together, and ways they are preparing for baby. I only wish my life could be as perfect as hers!

2. Enjoying the Small Things ( Kelle Hampton is truly an amazing person. She blogs about the unexpected miracle of having a child with Downs Syndrome with such honesty. Accompanying each post are the most gorgeous photos you've ever seen- all taken by her!

3. Never Pay Retail Again ( She posts the most fantastic deals and coupon codes on this site. I've gotten so much free stuff because of her!

4. Twice Blessed ( An adorable blog about life with twins! I love reading about their daily life and how they make it work.

5. Baby Bumble B ( She has the cutest baby boy who's only a little older than Jackson! I love reading her updates and seeing what I have to look forward to!


Georgie Girl said...

Thank you so much for the kind words!! You've just reminded me that i need to email the illustrator who drew that picture of me on the Vespa and have her draw a new one of me with a baby carriage. No more Vespa riding for this mommy-to-be!

Katie said...

AWWWW thanks! That's so sweet!!! *tear*

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