Thursday, March 25, 2010

Whale Watching

Definitely one of my favorite things we did while we were in Hawaii was going on a sunset whale watching cruise. Seeing Humpback whales in the wild is truly an amazing experience! We went out around 5pm to an area where a large group of males had been spotted. When we arrived they were milling around basically headbutting each other and they are HUGE! Imagine 5 school buses jumping on one another and that's basically what you get in whale form. While we were watching another whale swam up inches from our boat, which was so startling that even the captain yelled! So cool! On the way back we were lucky enough to pass by a momma and her new baby calf! Such an awesome experience!


Andrew and Meghan said...

I am so with you on this one!! Every time we go to Maui I make Andrew do a whale watching "tour" with me. April is the best time to go! It's their last chance to mate before going back to Alaska and the males get somewhat desperate (imagine that..haha)! We saw 3 breach which was truly breathtaking!! So glad you got to experience it!

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