Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Popcorn and Milkshake Night

Tonight is definitely a popcorn and milkshake night. My mom invented this type of dinner to fill-in for the nights where she was simply too exhausted from running herself ragged to fix dinner. So the popcorn and milkshake night was born. This night typically fell on a Sunday. Bags of popcorn were mixed and all of the ice cream in the freezer was thrown into a blender. Sometimes mom threw a little wheat germ into the mix to quell the guilt from feeding us ice cream for dinner. Tall glasses of frothy ice cream were poured and popcorn was piled high into bowls. I remember the big red Tupperware bowl we always used that was misshapen and a little built melted with the indents of steaming hot popcorn kernels indented into the bottom. We all gathered around the dining room table, dipping our popcorn into milkshakes and enjoying time together as a family.


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