Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Look What I Grew!

My wonderful father ordered the very best landscaping for our backyard when we moved into our first house as a couple. Included in this very-best backyard was a wonderful raised planting bed that I have used to plant my very own garden. There can be so much happiness found in playing with dirt and growing things with your own two hands. Nothing tastes better than a plump strawberry plucked off the vine and knowing that no pesticides have ever touched it. I have never really tasted a strawberry until I grew my own. Sweet and juicy, the perfect dessert on a warm Spring night. My carrot harvest was more plentiful than I would have imagined. I pulled carrots of all sizes and shapes, some big and some small. Much different than the ones found in the supermarket. Golden and crunchy, much more tasty than the bagged variety. Next I am fulfilling my wish for bouquets of flowers all over my house. A teacher's salary doesn't really support this desire so I'm hoping my little seeds will grant my wish.


Ryan, Christy, and Landen said...

You really should have your own show. You could call it, Christy the Garden Gal. But seriously, your strawberries are awesome.

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