Saturday, May 22, 2010

First Solids

We tried the rice cereal for the first time last night and it was a hit! Jackson gobbled it up like a champ and genuinely seemed to enjoy trying it. We're going to try it out for the next three nights for dinner to make sure there's no allergies and then it's on to peas and then green beans. I used the steamer and food processor to whip up a batch of each this morning and it was easy! Two cups of peas or green beans is enough to make 10 servings of baby food which not only saves us a ton of money (one small jar of organic baby food goes for $1.29) but it's also peace of mind knowing exactly what's in his food. This is the only time I can control what goes in Jackson's mouth and I plan to take full advantage of it! We're sticking to only organic foods and homemade ones as much as possible. After he gets used to the veggies we'll try fruits next. I can't wait to start making the recipes in his different baby food cookbooks!


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