Friday, September 4, 2009

Second Trimester Ultrasound

Little Legs

Love the foot next to his face!

On August 31st I finally got in for my second (and probably last ultrasound) before Jackson arrives. We were so excited to see how much he's grown and verify that I actually am in fact carrying a boy! He is now 9 inches (approximately the size of a barbie doll) and weighs 9 ounces, which puts him in the 43rd percentile for babies his age. This kind of freaked me out at first, but the doctor was quick to reassure me that this is in fact perfectly normal for my size and frame. Everything else checked out perfect and he is right on track for a January 10th delivery. The entire time we were getting the ultrasound he was moving and pushing against the wand so hard that the technician could feel him too! He definitely is a wiggle worm! We got some great pictures, especially the 4D ones that show so such a lifelike depiction of what he will look like. This time we also got a cd with 180 still images and a dvd of the whole process for him to watch later. Wow has technology improved since I was born!


Sara White said...

I am sooo jealous that we never got such a cool ultrasound! Looks like that baby is growing well in there! Good job mommmy!

Ryan, Christy, and Landen said...

Thanks so much Sara! I got really lucky with my ultrasound place (Fetal and Women's Center)!

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