Sunday, September 20, 2009

21 and 22 Weeks Pregnant

21 Weeks Pregnant

22 Weeks Pregnant

So far I have had a blessedly uneventful pregnancy. After a difficult first trimester, things have definitely calmed down and my appetite and energy have picked up. I have only gained eleven pounds so far, but I'm sure that will soon change as Jackson gets bigger! I am still in my regular clothes (with the help of amazing Bella Bands), which I love because cute maternity clothes are not easy to find! I have been hitting up eBay to find cute designer maternity jeans and found a couple of steals- Citizen's Dojo jeans with a half-panel for $15 (NOT recommended due to the pressure they put on your lower abdomen) and some Joe's with a full panel that I've been living in for only $25. Some days I wish I could just wear sweats to work! My latest ultrasound puts my due date at January 10, 2010!


Sara White said...

Looking back at your other posted pics, you look like your belly is getting smaller not bigger! What is your secret!? You look sooo cute!

Ryan, Christy, and Landen said...

Ha! You're so nice Sara! I'm actually measuring 25 weeks right now, which is a little bit big for how far along I am. Unfortunately I definitely don't feel cute!

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