Friday, July 10, 2009

Eleven and Twelve Weeks

Eleven Week Belly

Twelve Week Belly

Wrapping up my first trimester hasn't been as easy as I thought! For some reason I thought when you hit twelve weeks your nausea suddenly disappears- not quite the case. Things have actually gotten worse instead of better! Brushing my teeth is now a hazardous experience and I'm eager for this to pass! Othwerise, my exhaustion has gradually tapered off and I'm starting to feel more human. The belly is growing too, as seen in the above pictures!


Carrie Ann said...

Are you sure there are not two, or more, in there?! :) We can't wait to find out!

Ryan, Christy, and Landen said...

Ha ha! You are SO funny Carrie! Bite your tongue!

Sara White said...

So....when do you find out what's cookin in there? Do twins run in your family? You are sooo thin to start with that any little bit will show on you way more than anyone else! You look beautiful!

RegaNater said...

congrats! you look great!

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