Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bachelorette Party (Pregnant Style!)

Breakfast at the Hotel

Sarah, Gina, and I

Lindsey and I

Hanging Out at the Hotel Lounge

My fabulous sister and best friend from college, Lindsey, threw me an amazing bachelorette party over the weekend at the JW Marriott! When arrived at the hotel they had decorated the hotel room with adorable decor and had an amazing night planned. We first relaxed by the pool (the resort is awesome!) and then got ready together before going down to the lounge at the hotel to wait for everyone else. After enjoying drinks (non-alcoholic for me of course) I opened gifts. Everyone had gotten me adorable "lingerie" (mainly comfie pj's) and cuter underwear! We then went for a yummy dinner at White Chocolate Grill (I recommend the Prime Rib Au Jus) and dessert. After stopping by Blue Martini we called it a night and relaxed in the our rooms. The next morning we had the most amazing breakfast buffet with every food under the sun (a pregnant woman's version of heaven!). The best part was yet to come! After breakfast we all headed to the spa and got massages! It's been ages since I've had one and I absolutely loved every second of it! We capped off the weekend by relaxing by the pool and then going to see "The Ugly Truth." What a perfect weekend!


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