Monday, February 13, 2012

Twenty Weeks Pregnant

Twenty weeks pregnant and halfway there! I'm trying to take time to appreciate this pregnancy, since it will most likely be my last. Feeling a baby kick and grow inside of you has got to be the most amazing thing ever and I hope I never forget the sensation. So far (beyond the obvious complications), this pregnancy has been very easy going. Here are the stats:

Size of baby: Banana!

Weight gain so far: A whopping three pounds! This pregnancy has been a lot different in the weight gain aspect- at this time with Jackson I had gained at least 13 pounds.

Sleep: This has been one of the toughest aspects of this pregnancy. I've had insomnia really bad since the first trimester and it's just now getting better since I borrowed one of those awesome maternity pillows (a "Snoodle") from a friend. I'm so glad to get some sleep again!

Clothes: Definitely wearing only maternity bottoms, but I can still squeeze into my non-maternity tops, provided they're on the long side.

Food cravings/aversions: Sweets of any kind! And chocolate, which is definitely not something I usually even like, much less crave. I've been having weird aversions to fruit like bananas and blueberries. Maybe it's their texture?

Symptoms: Nothing much. No heartburn, nausea, or tiredness. Just harder to get off the floor when I'm playing with Jackson. :)

What baby's up to: She's a movin and a shakin! This baby girl is definitely an active one, which I appreciate because it means she's growing and developing.

What we've been up to this week: I finally finished vacuuming and steam cleaning the carpets in the nursery. I'm basically trying to get everything I can done before I might have to go on bed rest. The furniture is now placed in its approximate location but we still need a dresser and a crib. I'm making the decor for her room and am planning another post with what I have planned.

What's next: We have a regular monthly doctor's appointment on Friday where she'll probably go over my placenta previa in more detail. We'll still have to wait another three weeks before we can see if there has been any improvement.

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Katie {Sweet Rose Studio} said...

I ma so excited for you Christy and you look awesome!

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