Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crafty Stuff- Chalkboard Globe

I am a certified Pinterest addict. My husband thinks I need to join a support group. I think he needs to be appreciative of all of the great decorating ideas I get from all of the cool people on there. Not long ago I saw this picture of an awesome globe someone painted with chalkboard paint (and of course I can't find said picture anywhere) and I thought to myself "I could do that!" So a week or so later when I went on my weekly jaunt to the local Goodwill what did my little eye spy? A gorgeous old globe! Yippee! I love when that happens. So here is one of my latest crafts:

I got it half painted before realizing I should probably take a before shot.

And after:

I found the quote on Pinterest too. I'm big on quotes and thought this was perfect.

If you want to make your own globe check out your local thrift stores for the globe. Chalkboard paint can be picked up at craft stores or Home Depot and Loews.

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