Sunday, November 15, 2009

31 and 32 Weeks Pregnant

31 Weeks

32 Weeks

Ok, I am now starting to feel VERY pregnant! Although this has been a blessedly complication-free pregnancy it has started to become more than slightly uncomfortable to make it through the day and sleep at night. Pretty typical I think when you're 8 months pregnant! I just feel very lucky to have a healthy baby growing (and moving!) inside of me and we can't wait to meet him!

I finally got the car seat, stroller, and glider picked out and ordered after much research. We decided on the Peg Perego Skate stroller and matching Peg Perego car seat because of their high-safety ratings. I bought the glider from Walmart and it looks just like the $1000 glider from Pottery Barn except it only cost $230! My dad bought us the crib too and hopefully it arrives before Jackson does! Slowly but surely everything is starting to come together. :)


Kristi and Derek said...

You look amazing Christy!

Sara White said...

You look great! I'm glad you got all your stuff ordered! That is so much fun to do!

Ryan, Christy, and Landen said...

Thanks so much guys! I'm definitely starting to feel a lot calmer the more I plan things out. Now if he would just arrive on his due date things will be perfect! ha ha

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