Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Waiting for our flight. Did I tell you that I ended up taking Jackson on the flight by myself? Ryan wasn't able to get on, so it was me all by myself and Jackson was GREAT!

Pirate Landen

Beach Baby (while it lasted)

Coloring at dinner.

Landen trying to teach Jackson how to swim.

Climbing the banyan tree.

We never get pictures together, so I was happy this one came out ok.

Landen paddle boarding for the first time!

Checking out the goats at Surfing Goat Dairy Farm.

Well I have to say this year's trip to Hawaii was MUCH better than last year's. The difference between taking a nine-week old baby and a 21-month old toddler on a trip is huge! Jackson is so incredibly fun now and we had a blast! The funny thing is that he hated the beach, which he absolutely loves when we go to San Diego. I think it was because the waves were so much bigger. Oh well, he absolutely loved the pool area with it's huge pirate ship and lagoon so it made up for our lack of beach time. For the most part we just chilled while we were there since we've done so many of the touristy things already. We did make time to take Jackson and Landen to their first luau (well Jackson's second, but the first one doesn't really count), take them up to the Surfing Goat Dairy, and hang out under the banyan tree in Lahina. And I'm STILL not done editing the pictures. Hopefully I'll get around to posting more!

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