Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Christmas Gift

Look at what my wonderful husband got me for Christmas! A beautiful new pound puppy! Well, we actually all picked her out but she's my little sweetie. We took donations down to the pound for Christmas and while we there took a quick trip through the kennels. When we walked by Daphne's (her new name) kennel Jackson instantly went up to her and she started licking him through the door. So sweet! Even Ryan instantly fell in love and long story short, we ended up bringing her home a few days later. She has quickly made herself at home and gets along great with our other dogs and cats. What a great gift!


Christa said...

how fun! we want a dog so bad but we own and town home and dont have a yard...that would be torture for the dog so we are waiting till we buy a house with a yard :(

Klove said...

How cute. XOXO

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