Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Love Nie

Stephanie and Christian Nielsen are amazing people. On August 16, 2008 they were burned in a plane crash in New Mexico. Stephanie was burned over 83% of her body, Christian on over 30% of his. In an instant they lost everything, yet life goes on. Stephanie still writes on her blog about her 4 gorgeous children. She also writes about the pain of the daily physical therapies she must endure. Before the accident Stephanie was an artist, a mother, and a giver. After the accident she struggles with daily trials of even picking up her young children. But through it all she has her faith has remained strong. I can't imagine why God chose for this to happen, but he definitely chooses the strongest to endure His ordeals. Now Stephanie's insurance has refused to pay for the reconstructive surgery she needs to piece together her beautiful face. They say it would only be for cosmetic reasons. To help Stephanie raise the money she needs you can go to her blog at While you're there please read about this amazing woman and her unwavering spirit.


Carrie Ann said...

So amazing...thanks for sharing Sis! Love you!

Carrie Ann said...

Please update your blog!!!! I am getting so bored I need some entertainment!!! :)

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