Monday, February 2, 2009

Landen's First Protest

On Sunday, January 25th we took a trip down to the Arizona Capitol Building to protest proposed budget cuts to K-12 education. As teachers we are on the front lines of education and firmly believe that the budget cuts (that have now become reality) will have a devastating effect on education as we know it. According to recent polls Arizona ranks 51st in per-student spending, and now with a $300 million dollar "trim" to our 08-09 school budgets we face third-world status. As parents we felt it was important for Landen to witness firsthand people coming together to fight for a cause they believe in. We made an adventure out of it by taking the new light rail (Arizona's first mass transit system!) to downtown and then hiking a mile and a half to the Capitol building. Over 1,500 people showed up for the protest led by Dr. Nines, the superintendent of the Florence school district. Although the budget cuts were still made, we made the effort to make our voices heard and we hope Landen took away a good lesson from it.


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