Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Since things have been so frustrating at work lately I made the executive decision that Christmas needs to come early to the Johnson household this year. The week after Halloween I put up our Christmas decorations. I played Christmas music and tried to pretend that it wasn't 90 stinkin degrees outside! On Sunday we drank hot cocoa and decorated the Christmas tree. Landen completely enjoyed digging through the ornament box and picking out all of his favorites to hang on the tree. We have so many that the boys say we need a bigger tree next year! I am desperately in need of a little Christmas joy right now and who says you have to wait until after Thanksgiving to have some holiday spirit? I did put off decorating my classroom though. No need to cram my festivities down my students' throats! :)


Carrie Ann said...

We are just as bad as you and I put all of our decorations up earlier this week! :)
What can I say...I love the Holidays!! :)

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